About Dr.Keyur Shah

Dr. Keyur shah is a dynamic radiologist, who is practicing for more than 10 years. He is acquainted with all radiology modalities. He is determined to hard work, for the best possible quality and diagnosis.

Education profile
–           He passed his MBBS from Smt.  N.H.L Municipal medical college ( V.S. Hospital ) ,Ahmedabad, in year 2001.
–           He did his M.D. in Radiodiagnosis from B.J.Medical college ( Civil hospital ), Ahmedabad, in year 2004.

Work Experience
–          From 2004 to 2007, He Worked in SAL hospital as a full time radiologist , where he had to look after all Routine and Emergency Work  regarding X-Ray ,USG, Colour Doppler , CT scan  and USG/CT guided interventions.
–          In 2007 new journey began and he started his own clinic for ultrasound ,colour Doppler and USG guided interventions.
–          Meantime He was also a part time Consultant Radiologist at Usmanpura  Imaging centre  ( 2007 to 2010 )  and in Sterling Hospital  ( 2010 to 2013 )
–          In 2014 he expanded his clinic  with further facility of 3D-4D  SONOGRAPHAY , Digital x-ray and 2D Echo,  over and above routine Sonography and Colour Doppler.

At new existing premises , a separate room and all facilities for USG guided intervention are also  executed with perfection.

The ambience of clinic and supportive staff  are also been appreciated by many patients over &  above the commitement and quality of work.

–          He is also affiliated with other hospitals , mainly for USG / CT guided interventions.